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3D Printer, do you have one, what have you made?

Anybody out there have a 3D printer? I love mine and I’m continually looking for ways to make stuff for my guns and whatever else. I love looking through www.thingiverse.com and finding things people have already designed. I made this forearm grip for my Sub2K and it’s perfect for my big Ol’ hands. What else have you installed on your firearms that you 3D printed?


@TedMattingly I do not yet have one but it’s been discussed. I have been given the “OK”, yet haven’t made the purchase. Just curious, what make/model are you using?


Yeah, I have one. Don’t have it all figured out, yet.
I know my filament is garbage but I use it to practice with.

I enjoy designing parts with Tinkercad and 3D Builder.
Have a few parts on Thingiverse that I made.
Not much luck printing them though.


I have a Monoprice Maker Select Plus that I got on a trade. I was completely new to the game and this printer was very easy to figure out and use. The build plate is large enough to do most builds.


I really like the one I have as far as a beginner. I use Tinkercad as well, but like Fusion 360 too. Then I use Cura as a slicing software for my printer. The printing part is the easiest part of the equation. I’ve found that the filament from Hatchbox gives pretty good results for printing. I’m currently working on a few prints with Hatchbox Wood PLA and it’s working quite well.


Mine is the Mini V2. I ordered the Select Plus and received this one.
I liked this one, so had them refund me the price difference and kept it.
Plan on getting the bigger one later, but not til I get to printing better.

I also use Cura. Simple. Works. That’s all I need.


I’ll be doing a bit of printing next weekend.
I found a PMAG follower for 450 Bushmaster.
Thought I’d give it a try and see how they work.
The ones from Tromix are costing me a fortune.

Here’s the link if anyone’s interested.


That’s cool. Searching around thingiverse is kind of addicting LOL


I have a pruasa i3, mainly printed wargaming terrain and random stuff for arround the house.
In the process of printing a Freeman glock 19 clone frame in Pla+ I’ve done a couple test prints and almost ready to print one I’m willing to try shooting


We finally got our printer, a Sunlu S8, 310mm X 310mm X 400mm. Print pause, filament detector, power fail safe and bed level assist. Came with a .5 kilo roll of PLA and a set of tools. After the calibration cube I made this. Works with J frames, printing one for my K frame now.


Two new prints, first is a catch basin for my case trimmer, no more brass shavings all over the reloading bench. :+1:

Next up is a plug for an SBA3 pistol brace, waiting for a review on this one.


This’n would put my head on a swivel in Texas. Given that BATFE has hassled folks for removing the velcro strap, I would be prepared for agressive action soon as BATFE gets a letter from a dodo asking permission. I am actually curious regarding wether it improves controllability.