3D Printed Butt Pad


Now that you mention it, the latch did have to go. He also replaced the stock pin with a Clevis pin.


@solarix, here is a pic of what @Dred has done to his. I did get the opportunity to meet him at the range and fire his S2K. Since im 6’5" with long arms, it really made a difference being able to add a couple more inches to the LOP.

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Nice looking rig. Too big now for what I’m after though.

Back to the original idea, 2 hours left on the re-print


The stock on my Avatar’s Blaster matches my Sub 2000. I run a Minimalist stock. It did not slide over but a little time with a brake hone on the buffer tube fixed the fit issue. End result is blissful enjoyment.

Edit to note: Late to this stock party. Also to note it’s set to my 6’3" Gorilla Wingspan LOP in the picture that’s shared in this thread - it adjusts shorter. Also gonna note I’d start with Commercial Spec if I did it again - less honing required.


eBay tube on the way… I’de like the minimalistic but shorter, not sure thats possible, all I want is maybe 1/2 inch longer and a much better fit to the shoulder.

The last print on my stock failed at about 45 minutes left came loose from the bed, new print started after cleaning and leveling but it fits not near as pretty as yours though.
edit note: should have waited on buy it now its a milspec but maybe its a loose milspec for $9.89

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@solarix Considering you have 3D printing capabilities, you might want to try building something like this to use an AR Stock. It should also put the stock in a more comfortable position and improve the sight line. I don’t know if the materials you can use are strong enough though.

P.S. If you do build it, I want one!


Here is the latest result, going to use it today for a few rounds weather permitting.

Other than the snaffu of missing centerline it looks fairly sanitary. I would like to match the raised/sunken areas of the S2k original part but I doubt I could print it successfully. It is solid and I do not believe you could knock it off without other damage to the gun.


That is so friggin’ sweet it makes my tummy hurt!! Beautiful! I see so many variants of this I’m dizzy with it. Great work Brother👍


Here it is on the gun and in the lower right I am working on a possible way to put an added bit onto the lower picatinny rail on the stock making the butt a bit taller on the bottom. May work or it may be a flop gotta print it and see what needs to be shaped and if it would even hold.



That is awesome!!! Really like your idea of adding to the bottom also. That would solve both of my problems. Longer LOP for my gorilla arms and taller for my giraffe neck.


@solarix Excellent work! Would love to get your opinion on another idea - creating a 3D printed butt pad adapter for S2k to Magpul MOE pads like this one?


Cool. When do they go on sale? LoL

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@Rekonn I think making an adapter could be done. I would have to have the pad and the matching MOE SL Pattern stock in my hand for exact measurements, you could draw it up by measuring the hole locations etc. in Tinkercad (google tinkercad)… Note my butt pad is screwed in place so I drilled and tapped the stock. 3d Printed material I use is SainSmart TPU it is semi pliable, really hard to scratch or scuff and impact resistant but not like rubber more like pliable plastic and could easily be screwed to the S2k and screws from another pad screwed into it.


Not for sale it takes 5 hours to print and to tie up my printer for 5 hours and pay supplies/electricity would be a ridiculous price… but if you wanted to order one or know a friend has a printer I think it is pretty much a workable object now. I shot about 50 rounds and it is “better” which is subjective… I like what I have and have no intentions of removing it.

I’ll share the design on https://www.thingiverse.com/ soon as I get time and link it here. You could then order it printed from a lot of places on thingiverese for not much money.


I understand. I’ll certainly check it out when you post it. Still trying a few thoughts on a AR buttstock. Did a project this morning that is almost functional. Actually looks better than it functions. I posted it in the AR buttstock thread.


Here is the STL file for printing on your printer or it can be ordered off of Thingiverse. Note I don’t make anything off this and did not start out thinking I would get anything for it. If you like the pad awesome, if not well that’s fine too… I will share the editable design on Tinkercad as well you’ll need to ask since the shares expire.


Awesome job… I’m thinking about having it printed up but I dont know the first thing about the process. I’ll figure it out though. Im thinking if I do it ill add some kind of thin padding (rubber, silicone). Velco or double sided tape are the first things that came to my mind ti attach it.

Thanks for taking the time to do this.

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Printing is very simple…

  1. Material is TPU - it is semi soft/pliable not hard plastic. I used SainSmart brand it is not as soft as some TPU but it is very tough.
  2. Resolution .2 is usually what TPU is printed at.
  3. Your color choice.
    I have used TreatStock when ordering stuff - Specifically Miller’s 3D Services for other materials and they were 100% awesome, not sure Miller’s does TPU though. https://www.treatstock.com/c/millers-3d-services
    That’s it.

Is this a go? Really interested I have some brass inserts that fit a m3 screw that I could drill and heat to fit.

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@solarix good job brother, I am really impressed! :grin::+1: