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.350 Legend? What are your thoughts?

What does everyone think about the .350 Legend? From what I have read it seems like a great deer rifle cartridge for anyone who doesn’t need to go long range and doesn’t want much recoil.


Well @ValorSolo built one, but he’s been awefully quiet about it. It is very high on my “interested” list. My wallet is scared one of the vendors blowing out barrels will eventually offer up a deal cheap enough to justify a trial. This week … 2 barrel sales searched … nothing wilder than Grendel offered (note 6.5 Grendel is next interest in line and I have two stripped lowers plus an 80% unbuilt).

The straight walled case is the key to my interest. Looking for more energy than supersonic 300BO with less barrel burn.


Good question. The “numbers” sure do look good for this cartridge. Performance a bit better than the .30-30 in an AR platform. Straight walled for those areas that require… I had thought about this one but have decided against it. Only because I’ve decided I don’t need another caliber to feed/reload. Were I in the market for a deer rifle, this one would get more consideration.


Lets see, after last time i thinned down to caliber groups i swore off oddballs. cept for my wildcats on the contender frame, and mt 6 mm, and 32/20. then the 9X18 ,Makarov. that build i picked up on the back-burner , is a Beowulf, already got a trigger for it, and im building a 458 SOCOM. in 6.5 I already have 6.5 Creedmoor in rifle, looking at another as a Long Ranger Henry in 6.5 as well. main issue with the 6.5 Grendel with me is magazine compatibility, then along came the 5.7X28 deal i jus couldn’t say no…
see where im going with this? at one time i was back down to 556,7.62,9mm,45 auto, and 45/70 and 30/30 for hunting. that didnt last 6 months. now when i get a firearm, whether buy trade or dicker, new or used, first thing i buy with it is a Die set. for me, firearm purchases always become chaos :crazy_face::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
if the 350 legend has a good track record go for it. Hell , if i have a spare lower, i might give it a whirl…


Personally it does nothing for me, it was designed specifically to get a straight walled cartridge into the ar15 since some states only allow non bottlenecked rifle cartridges for hunting and I live in Texas and am not subject to those kind of rules. I’ll just stick with 300AAC, 6.5, or 5.56 for deer or hogs if I feel like using an ar15


I’ve only had it at the range once. It performed great.
It was very pleasant and fun to shoot. No complaints.
I built it for a brush gun and think it will do the job well.
The numbers say it will be a meat-getter, time will tell.


I’m only interested in it for a new rifle for my son that has a little more punch than his .223. I am a fan of weird calibers too. I like having something different.

I am really thinking of re working his youth savage axis into a .350. More than an ar platform. Although building one up together would be a good learning process for him (and me since I’ve never assembled one).

He loves reloading with me, drawing things on auto cad, I’m teaching him how to run a manual lathe and mill, welding. We did some mods to his franchi affinity shotgun for his 4-H shooting and he was super interested in how it worked. He’s my sidekick and I’m enjoying these pre teen years before he won’t want to hang out with me. A rifle build of some sort will be in the future.


As a replacement for .223, another round to consider is 7.62x39MM.
I have no experience with it yet, but I am intrigued by what I’ve read.
Basically, everything .223 can do, the AK round can do slightly better.
And ammo is cheap and available everywhere, except Walmart. Lol.

IMO, building an AR would be more beneficial than modding the Axis.
Especially for a kid. You can be much more creative. Plus the “cool” factor.
I plan on doing this with my grandson in a few years, once he’s older.
I’ll help him, but let him pick the parts, colors and do the work.

Honestly, you could just do both of these options.



I don’t like to ‘feel’ like I have to WORRY when the SHTF/if it ever happens but I would like to be a person that ‘is’ prepared and ready to defend his family… I always have in the back of my mind ‘availability’ and can I be the Mc Giver to fix or change-over my firearm equipment. Will a .350 Legend be ‘popular’ enough to hang around or will I be reloading using a wildcat caliber? I find myself asking those questions every time I build myself a new firearm… My firearm ‘hobby’ has become quite expensive and I look at a gun (more as a ‘tool’ and its ‘functionality.’ I prefer not to serialize them, therefore they cannot be sold, at least until I decide to acid etch numbers on my build. I guess more for ‘safety’ issues for a fear of a firearm being stolen could push one to encourage an extra ‘procedure’ on my part? However, a fear always puts me on the FENCE-LINE that our 2nd Amendment Rights are at stake and our ‘registered’ weapons are at risk…:dizzy_face:


This is the 2nd time I have noted a comment about “states that only allow non bottle neck cartridges” . Being from Wis, I’ve never heard of that. Here we can hunt with most any gun in nearly every caliber. Is there supposed to be some logic in this. Sitting here can’t really think of a lot of straight walled cartridges.



The only real advantage to the .350 for a new build I see would be the .223 bolt face. Either in his axis or an ar.

I probably should just build a creedmoor or a 6.8 since I already shoot both and it would be less components to keep up with.

He has shot both of mine and he’s fine with the recoil but both guns are too heavy for him to shoot offhand.

Not sure what direction I’ll go yet.

I actually just ordered a lower and we decided he’d earn all the parts for good grades and chores. Figured it would be a good motivator for him. I’ll let him choose everything for it.

So I guess ar platform it is.


@Dane We had some requirements or restrictions as to what we could use for big game. .25 caliber or better and a LOA of, (to the best of my memory) 2.5". For example, my dad’s 250/3000 just met the requirement. This was in WY, late 60’s.


Lots of potential. Using 357 maximum load data to reload my own, I’ve chrono’d 110 gr bullet at 2825fps out of a 16" barrel.
If you put an upper together yourself, be sure to enlarge the receiver feed ramps to match the barrel to avoid feed problems.