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30 Round Extended mag issue

I have the Beretta version KelTec 2000 sub (Multi Mag), and it came with Beretta’s 30 round magazine: the Beretta 92FS CX4 9mm 30Rds mag. For some reason, once I have 20 rounds in the 30 round mag, I can’t feed anymore ammo into it. It’s kinda like when your trying to get that last round in a 10 round magazine, you really have to struggle to get that last round in there.

I figured there might be a limiter in the mag so I disassembled it, and found no limiter. I put some lube on the mag and used a cleaning brush and re-assembled the mag. Now I have a new problem. I have to push down 3 times as hard to load the mag. When the other mag, no fighting with it t all. I tried taking the 30 round mag apart again, re-assemble, make sure everything all aligned, etc… and still the same problem. Defective 30 mag?

One other question. Where can I get another 30 round mag? I tried Gun Mag Warehouse (my goto place for extended mags) but they’re all out.

Thank you.

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20s but no 30s listed.



Finally, I see promag makes a 32 rounder. I’m doing you a favor by not linking you to it.


In Canada, The beretta 30rds mags just came back in stock after being out for almost a year. ours are pinned to 10 of course and Im not sure about ordering them to the states. but my point is if we are getting them, you guys have to be sitting on mountains of them. Just have to find them

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@Dred I totally forgot about GragAGun. I’ll have to check that out. I always thought they “borrowed” its website layout / format from Palmetto. But thats just my opinion.

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LOL. I’ve scored some great deals on hard to find mags from GAG so they’ve been a mag go to since.

@TacticalBilly Try www.berettausa.com . They have in stock 30 rd. mags for $35 or 4 for $30 each.

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