.30 Caliber ‘Anemic’?


:sunglasses:Just a couple of days ago I had a discertation with another older Inf Vet who saw a picture of me with an M1 carbine taken in country. He was of the opinion that the .30 carbine was ‘anemic’ and use less as combat arm, after I stopped laughing, I asked him if he had ever been shot with one. He got mad and stomped off. The rounds we had in Nam were still of the WWII loading 110 gr. RNMJ about 1800-185O FPSMV, I never once felt undergunned! Over three tours,and a goodly number of fights. My point here is the weapon is quite capable especially for CQB or Clearing. Thanks to ammo upgrades I no longer need to make “Dum-Dums”!! Now Buffalo Boar makes a 125gr flat tip,cast,gas check load at appr. 2170 fps and a 110grhp at about the same. Both are good for hunting or whatever!! The USM1 30 Carbine will allways be my favorite for carry in the “Bush” and the M-14 for heavier stuff.


preaching to the choir here, had a war baby for a while. 40s inland div. M1.


It’s not a AR10 or a Garand, but if I was in trench warfare or dense jungle warfare I’d be very happy with the M1 carbine. Very fine weapon.


I am guessing he wasn’t a grunt?

Either the M1 or the M14 are both fine weapons when used properly. Man fought war for a 100 years with a .30 in all its variations and in my opinion, nothing better has yet been made. :grin::+1:


There are stories of NK foul weather gear (not body armor) stopping that round.


@Wedge which round? The 7.62x51 149FMJ or the .30 carbine 110FMJ?

To be honest I would have my doubts about that story. M1 drives a bullet at about 2000fps, at 970 ft-lbs energy. I don’t care if your king kong, thats gonna hurt! That is 500 fps more that .357 magnum same size bullet.


The .30 carbine round. I seem to remember that the powder used didn’t work well in those freezing temps, so maybe that’s why.


I had a Ruger Blackhawk in 30 carbine. I killed 2 deer with it at about 35 to 40 yards. I let a friend talk me out of it. It was the most accurate revolver I ever owned.


@Wedge ya gotta remember Scott, what contractor supplies the military with ammo? the lowest bidder light loads or almost squibbs.:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: remember when the “Made by Mattel” M-16s first hit the field? ammo “issues” that were blamed on the rifles 'jammin Jennies" think they were nicknamed for a while.

have a friend, that was shot by a would be armed robber a few years ago. 3 rounds. 4o cal JHP. 2 in the chest, and 1 in the foot. the 2 in the chest did lil damage, I gave him a ride to the ER, just before the ambulance got there to pick up the mauled would be robber) now my buddy is big, bout 6’8". 410 lbs, , anyway, got to the ER, they pulled out the bits, and released him the next day. only thing that still bothers him? when he hit the moron, and the moron hit the ground, the firearm discharged and hit him in the foot. busted up his arch they had to later pin. bullets do strange things sometimes…


410lbs? Das a bigga boyeee!!!


Now that is a distinct possibility, sorry should have made the connection from your original post. I am a bit tired today. :sleeping:


@Wedge I call him “Eclipse” cause when he walks into the shop, he blots out the sun for a few seconds…


Nothing wrong with that rifle or the caliber. Only problem is the ammo. Military ball doesn’t really give you any expansion and tends to over penetrate so you don’t get the benefit of the full energy. A big hollow point might have feeding issues, but I think a nice soft point would do just fine. I always kid the Army guys I work that the military always had the best guns, but LE always had the best ammo.


Very pleased to see so many responses to my blurb about the M1 Carbine and it’s ammo! The power factor issue between the old milspec loads and more modern commercial loads pretty much boils down to (for me anyway). When I can find the milspec I use it for
target shooting at 25-50 yards. Even if it has less than 1850 MV it is stil more powerful than a .357. While not a “hunting round” persay, it is a lethal CQB round. It can be found in hollow point and higher velocity loadings. It will never be a .308 or even
a .300 Blackout, that being said, shoud I have to go into the bush again, I would still carry mine! Only now loaded with Buff Bore 125 grain flat tips at approx 2170 FPS, just for my peace of mind! Of Course!! I enjoy readin you guys posts, most are pretty
thoughtful no ‘vitriol’!

HOOAH Jacamo


Yeah, I can see that, but can I point out that your opponents usually are not wearing heavy web gear or body armor? Or punch a hole in the guy behind the cinder block wall? :astonished:

But you are right. We are bound by the Geneva Convention and ammo we used is restricted in effectiveness. :flushed:


M2 dont care whats between you and your target…hardball did what its supposed to…


@GOBLIN Miss the mad minutes in VN.


The US never signed the treaty that restricted ammo. The military recently got a legal opinion regarding this and is planning on supplying troops with hollow point ammo for their handguns


The convention covering this was The Hague Convention and the US declined to sign it.


@Dane now thats interesting and completely different than what we were taught back in the day.

Wonder what that would do to the prices of JHP if there are big military contracts and a new surplus market?