2nd Gen Sub2k Noobie

Hi guys im new at the PCC scene and its my first time joining a PCC competion using my 2nd gen sub2k last week. im still learning more and more about the sport. my sub2k is bone stock except for the red dot and angled foregrip that i installed. i would really appreciate it if anybody could guide me on building and upgrading my 2nd gen sub2k for PCC competition. i dont really know what exact parts and upgrades i need to get from MCarbo to upgrade it. and is there anyway i could get the charging handle be more lighter to pull back?

by the way im from cali and my 2nd gen sub2k is featureless.

Thank you very much in advance guys and i would really appreciate all inputs and tips you would give.


Welcome to the forum. And im sorry to here your in commifornia. Theres a few more cali guys around here somewhere. As for best mcarbo upgrades for sub2k. My opinion is i would atleast replace all the internals with complete mcarbo kit. Just by upgrading the internals will make the sub2k twice the gun it is from factory. They also worked with keltec to make the mcarbo edition with all the upgraded parts allready in and on the 2k. Its cheaper and easier in long run to get the upgraded version. Theres alot of us on here who built our mcarbo edition 2k’s piece by piece as the parts came out over the years.



Agree with HD. Buy the internals kit. If taking the gun apart makes you a little anxious… send it to MCarbo. There’s no shame in admitting you aren’t a gunsmith.


Welcome to the forum. Lots of options and add on available.
Invest in a ramp polishing kit or something similar.

And 1 of these too:

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You might need a couple of these too:

if you use the Glock mag.

And this:

and this…


Well that’s interesting. I haven’t seen that grip before.


GO to the seaech button on upper right of the screen type in S2K tips and tricks or S2K polishing parts or S2K suggested reading. The suggested reading will bring up a compilation of earlier subjects. You will have a few days of learning there.