2nd gen Sub2k failure to eject/feed help needed!

I recently purchased the recoil less charging handle for my sub2k and I went to the range. After about 50 rounds it suddenly started to have a spent shell get stuck on the bolt and the ejector port. Also a round would not feed because the bolt would not close under spring pressure and I would have to manually close the bolt.
After giving the gun a deep cleaning to make sure that wasn’t the problem. I found the problem was that now there is a piece of metal that got shoved inward from the charging handle hitting it and is now interfering with the bolt freely moving. What would be the optimal solution for this problem?


Another photo


Fairly common problem. It occurs where any charging handle (factory Kel Tec Handle included) is allowed to travel toward battery whi!e the gun is folded. Without the chamber which stops the bolt … the bolt travels until the charging handle slams the bolt tube.

The fix is to clean up that burr. Try sandpaper or file and be very careful about about folding with the charging handle locked rearward.


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