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2L water bladder backpacks that will fit the sub and 2l of liquid

Plan on doing some Mt biking out in the wilderness soon here in the pnw. Anyone know of any bladder packs that can accommodate the sub with optics mount but still provide me refreshment :joy:


whats your budget brother? just about any of the 3 day assault packs will hold a camelback in the back sleeve, with more than enough room for a sub 2000 and ammo…


@KD086 @Goblin is right. While not quite as large as a 3 day assault pack, I bought the pack below on Amazon for only $25.00. As you can see, it easily holds the sub, my EDC handgun, plenty of ammo and would also hold a 2 liter bladder if I rearranged things. It is fairly heavy even without adding 2 liters of water, so I would be concerned about the strength of the straps for your application. You should probably spring for a better quality, more heavy duty construction.
ADDENDUM: I looked more closely and there is actually a Velcro closure hydration bladder pocket on the back between the shoulder straps. If you look closely, you can see the top opening in the second photo.

Link is here:

I do not yet have the optic mount, but the back pocket is fairly deep and should probably work even with the mount. I have a light and thumb stop protruding from the side of the foregrip on mine and they fit easily.


Hey if you decide not to pick this up let me know. I would like it myself. I just dont havw an immediate need


I have one of these, sling pack style works great for on-bike/motorcycle access. Designed to accept hydration bladders and will carry a folded Sub 2k at longest LOP and buttstock pad and at least 20 mags, no problems.


You might be surprised but got to Wally World and check out the camping section they have a pretty good selection of hydration backpacks that the sub fits I have one I got there for like $18

friend just picked up one of these, 5 day assault pack, DRAGO, 20"X15"X13"

Hydration bladder compatible comes in 4 colors, well sewn, with a hard back,
not top of the line but excellent middle of the road gear. sewn way better than some of the Big names ive seen. Lube yer zippers with chapstic, amd you will never have a issue… I like their Tracker backpack as well, but its only 18"
seen em listed for between 53$ and 69$

Following this thread. I’ve got a basic GHB in my car right now, but it’s a sling bag (not ideal for long carry) and small.

A slightly larger, inconspicious bag, with a area for a empty 2l bladder, a section for the Sub or AR pistol, and whatever I want in there in other pockets (currently–tourniquet, a few boxes of ammo, steel water bottle, about 1200 calories of food, flashlight and headlamp, external battery and various chargers, knife, sunscreen, socks, and probably a few other items). Something with basic hip support would be nice too.

I wouldn’t keep a weapon in there full time, but could be loaded up if I wanted something extra with me for whatever reason.

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