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22lr pistols and rifles show what you got

The 10/22 is a spring driven “round rotary” magazine. 10 rds. 22LR

The Calico M100 is a spring driven “cylindrical helical” magazine. 100 rds. 22LR



I understand the differences, I am just stating there are similarities in the feed lip design and how the rounds are brought to the feed lips. I understand the differences to get the length. It is a very unique gun and magazine design yet it bears some distinct similarities to the 10-22.


Would love to see a side by side pic of the feed lips.

Maybe Calico copied Ruger…and almost got sued?


I do not know, but, I just think some of the great reliability comes from the cosmetic similarities. I am sure you can Google the images. Any way both the Ruger 10-22 and the Calico are known for reliability. I would be proud to own either and not think either has a poor quality reputation like some other firearms like for instance a Hi Point. Before anybody tries to beat me up regarding my comment about the High Point (some may be reliable) but facts are facts there is not a single federal state or local agency that will ever allow them because of their reputation. I know as I am a retired Police Armorer that retired with 38 years of service. Soooooo, lets keep this thread on the Calico, I really do not want to here people defend products with a poor reputation. I do know that there were some Elite units that carried both the AR180 .22 and the Calico for suppression fire.


They look like a bunch of penned hens being fed at that knitting club, social distance would be near impossible ! They rarely knit there to much clucking going on or show & tell so my wife told me. The truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth !


My only experience was seeing the brochure and wanting the M100 to be my next purchase. :eye: had just purchased a AR7, Explorer II, and a Ruger 10/22 Carbine that I have yet to take pics and show on this thread.

My decision was to quit work, stop buying firearms, and sail to the Bahamas and go with those firearms ~3,600 rds…and my Brazilian double barrel 12 gauge Shotgun.
That may have been a bad decision on my part because now :eye: regret not purchasing one.

Cool that you were and are a armorer…
:eye: love tinkering a profess to be a self taught and unemployed Professional Gadgeteer/ Technotwit, Hill Jack, 21st Century Renaissance Man, X Shipwright of 18 years, etc and so on…:scream::face_with_monocle::boom::boom::sunglasses:

Here’s an example of me tinkering…

And somewhere here you’ll find the before and after “underlug removal surgery” of my beloved SW 617-6 Stain”S”Less 22LR Revolver.

The floor is yours sir…,:clinking_glasses::boom::boom::sunglasses::v:


My Taylor Tactical magazine upgrades arrived.
I installed them in the two mags I have on hand.
Two new mags should be here by tomorrow.

I’m able to get 15 rounds in, but # 15 is tight.
I’ll run 14 and be very content with that.

I’ll do a little test shooting tomorrow.


Got the other two mags and installed the upgrades in them.
Shot all four and had failures on all four, mostly ftf, one fte.
At this point I’m blaming the mixed bag ammo I’m running.
When my new order of Aquila arrives, I’ll run another test.

But damn that P226 can shot. Very nice and tight groups.
Excellent trigger, but just a bit too long in the pre-travel.
Gonna try Graygun’s Dual Adjustable Straight Trigger next.


Where on earth did you find that .22 conversion kit is what I’d like to know? Like spotting Bigfoot…


Actually did it the opposite way. Bought my P226 Classic in 22LR, then found a 9mm kit for it.
Either way, it is almost impossible to duplicate. No P226 Caliber X-Change kits anywhere now.
I got very lucky finding the one I have, but I searched for a long time. Spent hours looking.
Finally found a website from a pawn shop in North Carolina that actually had one.

Oh yeah, bought the pistol at Bud’s. Out of stock for a while now. https://www.budsgunshop.com/product_info.php/products_id/56478


Cold .22LR


I meant Colt! Darn little keyboard!


I like it. I like it very much. Often think about getting a 1911 in 22LR. As well as other calibers.
Please tell more about it and your opinion of it. It is a looker for sure. How does she run?


I love it. It runs smooth. It’s a .22LR anyway and with the additional weight there is no recoil at all. It’s a little different as the barrel is attached to the frame. It’s easy to clean.


I had thought about this many moons ago because a) that pistol has been terminally out of stock and b) better chance of finding Jimmy Hoffa than the Xchange kit.

Had been eyeballing this one on Bud’s as well, also out of stock…

Gave up and did the CZ 75B Kadet II…which I finally shot for the first time last weekend. Worked out well, nice little shooter, very accurate.


If I remember correctly, I put the pistol in my wishlist, and didn’t buy it until I located the 9mm kit.
Sorry, it was a while back and way too many gun purchases since. Overall, well worth the trouble.


No doubt, nice setup ya got there. Of course I am a bit biased, being “that” handgun… :grinning:


At some point I might want to pick your brain on the particulars of this setup… :+1:


Anytime. I’ll tell you what I can. Or what I can remember, lol.


I finally found a 22lr pistol that holds more then 10 rounds in the mag. First Taurus I have ever owned. It’s the TX-22. 16 rounds in the mag. Couldn’t justify the $500+ for the kel tec cp33. I will find out how it shoots on Monday.