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22lr pistols and rifles show what you got

I have a old 22lr pistol that I traded a pioneer 8 track for it, and a Mossberg 702 plinkster.DSC_0076 141997_01_22lr_revolver_german_made_640


Ahhhh gee.now I need to take more pics! Of the ones I’ve never shown…but until then…:scream::eye::boom::boom:

Before surgery:

After Surgery:


K … so … I might have sum dem.

Marlin 7795 - story on this one is purchased a decomissioned Marlin 7000 and a new production Marlin 795. Replaced decom’d 7000 receiver with 795 receiver. Spritzed a little tan bedliner on the stock and an awesome, tack driving, heavy barreled Marlin box fed autoloader was rescued. Marlin heavy barrels are hens teeth.

Belgian Built Browning SA22 - arguably my most impressive 22lr Autoloader. JMB knocked this one out of the park.

Browning BL 22 - my only 22 rimfire lever Posted later 'cause I spied a Marlin eyeball after I posted. I wish I had a 39, but at phone archive size I mistook my 1894cs for the BL22. BL pic posted below.



Don’t have my tube fed Springfield .22 LR with me it’s at my Dad’s but it’s my prize. My poppa gave it to me when I was 8, this is my GSG 1911/22LR super fun to shoot for anyone any age (within reason) Best .22lr pistol I’ve owned. It has been upgraded to the max with aftermarkets and is really a smooth accurate shooter


I’ll play.

The latest addition, yet to be fired thanks to the new millennium plague, I present the CZ 75 Kadet II adapter on 75B…

…and for reaching out and touching at greater distance, the Tippmann M4-22 Elite w/Spitfire 1x:

Heh heh… :grinning:

I’d say you got the better end of that one, albeit a few decades on. Reminds me, one of my college roommates had a 1975 Olds Cutlass Supreme with factory 8 track player named “Hugo”. There are stories…but suffice it to say you haven’t lived until you’ve rocked out to Van Halen II on 8 track while rolling to Binghampton Arena for a concert in a colossal car of that vintage… :crazy_face:

Like the heavy barrels. SA22 and BL 22 are tasty. Nice dog, too. :+1:


That tumbler caught my eye. Bought two of the 40 oz and 4 of the 20 oz last time I was at Buc-ee’s.

As for my 22’s, it would take me a while to gather them all and get pictures, but I will next weekend.


For all those younger fellas on here you may have to explain what a Pioneer 8 track is. Hint - it is not some kind of an all terrain vehicle!


Why do I get the feeling this would be the case with you regardless of the firearm listed in the thread topic… :laughing:


My first firearm, purchased roughly 50 years ago, handed down to my son and waiting for my grandson. I still shoot it regularly and it remains as fun as it was to me when I was 12. Of course, it had no red dot 50 years ago. :grinning:

Browning BL 22

A beat up dinosaur that belonged to my father

My Ruger Mark IV 22/45. The laser is there for my wife who because of shoulder injuries cannot raise the firearm fully.

And the most recent addition
Ruger LCP II LiteRack


I too have a few .22’s. First up is my first, a Remington model 341 1937

Remington model 513 T Matchmaster, 1942, shot indoor small bore thru high school with it.

Current go to, Remington model 597 2018

Wife’s Ruger 10/22 2018


I use to shoot this when i was a little boy. The trigger shoe, i thought was the ultimate


@KM55 “I have a old 22lr pistol that I traded a pioneer 8 track for it,”
I [foolishly] did the opposite, trading a beautiful over and under Winchester 20 gauge field gun for a CB radio during the 1970s. Those were Smokey and the Bandit days and everyone who was anyone at my High School had a CB. We would cruise Main Street of our small town, circle the Dairy Queen and do it again while spewing the equivalent of today’s Twitter over the airwaves. At least we couldn’t send photos of what we were eating.


Hmm k …

and … more:

All my Heavy Barrel Marlin Rimfires
7000T - Old Glory (this is a factory Target model)
7795 - same rifle I posted yesterday
7000 - An early example with the schnabel stock
880sq heavy barreled bolt gun and my most accurate rimfire period

A Glenfield 25 (my first) and the actual Browning BL22 Grade 2

More to come - couple more rifles then the pistols.


@Dred I like the checkered stock on your BL22. Mine is the plain model.


I’ll have items B and C, please. Let me know what the shipping costs are… :grinning:


A few of mine, more to follow.


Newest addition:


A few more:
Mossberg 151
Ruger 77

Mossberg 44 US
Ruger American


Continuing …

Top: Marlin 795, barrel cut, threaded, target crowned, Badger Bullpup Stock Edit to add: Yes, she’s 26"+ som fractions.
Middle: Marlin Papoose Takedown in modified ATI Fiberforce stock and Ranger Point Precision Keymod Handguard - a skinny barreled tack driver
Bottom: MARLIN Papoose Takedown Project. Presently being fitted to folding stock. And she’ll be integrally suppressed via Form 1.

Done with complete rifles. I do have a stripped AR15 lower that will be built as a dedicated 22lr and the Badger 795 will ultimately transform into a 22lr Tavor when I pick up the gutted Airsoft Tavor donor stock again. I’ve been hawking the Shot Show Maple Stocked Browning T-bolts but still holding out. And, my father is still holding his mother’s 22 short Gallery Pump for me - should land me at a baker’s dozen when I finish.

Now to find dem littler rimfires …


On the bottom my S&W 15-22 She is a hoot ta shoot!