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226 Lovers, are You Still Here?

I just finished striping the upper of my 226 and found some things that made NO sense. I did not know how ignorant I was, or am.
I watched a video of some dude that created a video titled “Complete Disassembly and Reassembly of P226” .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wku1ye1Ig1E
He just tapped out the firing pin retaining pin,push in the firing pin, depressed the firing pin blocker, and it was apart and his reassembly never mentioned the extractor.
When I looked at my slide there was no way to remove that pin from the right side so I reviewed the video again and realized my slide did look the same as the one in the video. So I went to my owners manual and it had exploded views of the 220,224,226,229 and 239. I looked at the view for 226 and low and behold there is no extractor on the right side of the slide.

The first thing I thought was, OH NO my formative tears were catching up to me. I went on line and found the same cannumdron https://www.gunpartscorp.com/gun-manufacturer/sig-sauer/auto-pistols-sig/226-sig/parts-list-p226.
From working on other firearms my experience has been that sometimes manufactures change things. So I started to look at the exploded views of other models in the owners manual (thank GOD I had a manual that had the exploded views of those other models). I found the P224 had the slide I had. Then went online and after jumping through the maze on the Sig Sauer site found the exploded parts view of the 226 and sure enough it looked my slide.

Now that I was safe if I lost any parts I dove in and now have a clean and Teflon Hornady ONE SHOT lubed slide.While I had the slide off I shot some HORNADYs in the lower and it functions fine.
went from this

To this

All this work was to prepare for the install of the Sig SRT kit and the Armorers Craft dual adjustable flat trigger, which are to be here tomorrow

Glad I purchased NO spring kits for this install seeing how the TP weht to just under 2lb 5oz.
Now back to my ignorance that still lingers. Does anyone know when these changes happened.


Not here just yet, mine doesn’t arrive in my gun cabinet until Thursday this week, currently relaxing at my LGS/FFL but 25 miles away. SRT kit is enroute. Holding off on the flatty trigger at the moment (if I do will likely go with GG). Fan of the gun since the 1st time I shot one. Next range day is gonna be extra special. :slightly_smiling_face:


All the discussions on the 365 drove to entertain my226 again. As you know about my TRUGLO experience from the other tread I put the TFX Pro rear from the second set I purchased on the 226. That left me the OEM #6 front sight. The NIGHT FISION #8 with the orange ring is going to be the new front sight.

Are you getting just a trigger or the ELS series from GG?

Do you know of the DAK/NON DAK frame choices ?


Those NF sights are under consideration for the P226, the one I got comes with standard white dot sights.

At this point I haven’t moved on anything but the SRT. If I do the trigger it will probably be the GG, I did look at the ELS as well but, SRT aside, I want to spend some time with the gun as is. Both the SP and Mk25 models I’ve had the pleasure of shooting were as is from the factory, and I liked them quite a bit (so much so I had to have one, not unlike my CZ 97B)…so I don’t want to go crazy replacing stuff until I see a need. The SRT was a no brainer, though…

If I had to guess, the flat trigger will happen at some point, it made a huge difference with my P320, literally changed the gun for me in that case.

I am mildly versed in what they are, mine is just an SA/DA w/decocker…what seems to be the more common configuration I’ve seen.


I made sure this was the version I was getting when I bought mine.
Otherwise I would have went another route. Mine has SigLite sights.
I’m very happy with them. My 22lr slide has the white dots.


[quote=“chilipepper, post:4, topic:9247”]
I am mildly versed in what they are,

Originally a “friend” of mine told me about LCPs. I thought that was interesting so I went to LGS and I decided on 938 instead, not Knowing what that would do to my pocket book, S2k+, Tavor+, multiple different optics for bolt action SA, whatevers then the P226, then a LCP. which lasted until IIs came out Then a few PCP guns. Then one night I acquired a Barreta 21A NIB for $150 then an AR+, then a PC9+ then 6 shotguns from the sale of an ESTATE,the ammo to support them, then the range opening 2.5 miles from me, after being away for several months.You get the idea just a SLIPERY slimy slope.

The +'s are support of those guns.

Before that I was happy (I thought) .


Has anyone installed the MCarbo stainless steel guide rod in their 226? I’m thinking of doing that.


You have GAS really bad.:rofl:


Do you really believe you are the first person to tell me that ?
EVERYTIME my son gives shit for that very reason I just tell him “…it is all for you”.
Count yourself lucky that we only communicate electronically :boom: :boom: :boom: :skull_and_crossbones:

I must admit there were some friendly cuties (not cooties) in the nail polish department today. Maybe they just did not feel threatened. I do not know !


Yes. I have it in mine. I did other upgrades at the same time.
Can’t say if it improved anything, but I like it all the same.


This, I was going to ask. The stock one is polymer, correct? If so, I suppose it would be more durable…


No, it is metal but not as substantial as the MCarbo one


You didn’t forget the barrel, did you?

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I had other things to do.!
Like the Armorers Craft adjustable and the SRT kit.
Somethings I learned today.
While the pistol never failed to operate ( about 900 rds) it sure was filthy with brass dust.

If you have the SRT kit installed, you will not be able to install the trigger bar. If you have the SRT installed and you want to remove the trigger bar the fire pin blocker bar and sear will have to be removed before trigger bar can be removed.

The upper has been taken apart and extensively cleaned. I found no wear at all on fire pin ejector or pin blocker or ejector.

The hammer and sear interface, trigger bar interface surfaces with sear and fire pin block,both sides of the hammer.

I lubed everything with SUPER LUBE synthetic oil with PTFE.
Tomorrow is RANGE DAY !:boom: :beer:

Double action. Can not say how little pretravel, there is maybe 1/64.During the entire travel NO GRITTYness.

Single action, overtravel is less than 1/32 and reset is maybe 3/32

I see we both had the same idea for the Sig logo.



If you have not watched a SRT install video here is one for you.


Have a couple bookmarked, this one has been added. SRT kit will likely be here tomorrow, just have to wait a few more days to appease the state. Mec-Gar mags arrived today, impressed with the quality. Sounds like my FFL will be “disabling” the 15 rounders. Aces.


It was 1 of 3 I watched yesterday and while the dude did not rehearse the lighting is better than the ones I had watched. OLD MAN EYES!!!

All the videos I watched on the complete disassembly were old enough that there was no mention of the fact the SRT (might not have been around) made it such that the pin blocker and sear of the SRT needed to be removed before trigger bar would come out and was to be installed after trigger bar went in. Actually droping the old sear and Blocker would have made it easier to do the trigger bar. I am just lucky I am a patient person ( BULL SHIT!!).

The SRT made a HUGH difference! IMO, the addition of the adjustable trigger probably reduced over travel by about an additional 1/8 inch.Will be interested in seeing your results !

With the trigger pull I am getting with OEM springs I am happy I did not waist the money on any type of springs.


I am sitting here on hold with the USPS so to get a tracking case open so I can find a SIG SAUER package that is lost, so thought I would share.
I know that there are more than a few videos out there about the installation of the SRT kit.

In my experience last night I found out somethings I did not hear anyone mention.
The dual adjustable trigger was such a pain the butt to adjust the forward play out of the trigger I had to take the trigger bar out 3 times to get it :sweet". Thought I would share.

The pin that locates the sear and blocking arm has different ends… One end is chamfered the other end has a square edge with a small ball( it look rounded.). The chamfered end makes it easier to stack the sear/sear spring/blocker arm.

For those replacing triggers removal of trigger bar is somewhat facilitated by bumping the hammer pin flush with frame WARNING do not forget to reset it in proper position.

For us that like to polish stuff, another place I found friction is where the trigger bar has a small bump on the top that is offset to ride along the right interior of frame. I spent less than a minute to make it shine. Notice all the fine brass dust in the interior pictures. The flash sure made them shine. I have never seen that much brass inside a firearm. I guess I can’t say that now.

When inserting the takedown lever lay the flat side of the end of the barrel against the spring inside the locking block and rotate, pushing the spring down, letting the barrel enter the frame.

See the green delrin bumbered screw “inside” adjustment only ! LIKE HELL you say. Sometimes hell is fine :crazy_face: :frowning_face: :open_mouth: :cry: :pray: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:
![forward travel adjust


Did you receive it today ?

I went to the range to test the new SRT and trigger. OMG !!!
I had to relearn how to fire it.
LOOKING forward to the change of front sight to the NIGHT FISION orange ring/Tritium.


SRT kit was supposed to arrive USPS yesterday but didn’t, not really a big deal as I didn’t get the pistols until today. I only got one SRT for now, if all goes well (assuming I will like it), I’ll look into doing the .22lr model. Can’t really dry fire that one at the moment but both of these beauties will be seeing some action this weekend. Just sitting down to do the SRT in the 9mm now.