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223 Wylde questions

So, to start with I buy a AR through gunbroker. It’s supposed to be a 7.62x39 upper on an AR lower. When it arrives i find that the upper isn’t 7.62x39, but appears to be 556. I contact the seller who apologizes for the mistake and sends the 7.62x39 upper. New problem, though the bolt carrier groups are the same, I now have a 7.62x39 upper with a 556 bolt in it. For all the hassle and added expense, the seller agrees to let me keep the “556” complete upper for $200. I figure ok I’ll just put together another AR-15. After looking more closely at the upper I find that it is marked 223 Wylde. Not previously being familiar with this designation I am initially panicking thinking what the hell to I do now. After a little research I see it can fire both 223 and 556, so now I calm down a bit. I had already started ordering parts for this new build.
Anybody have experience with or opinions on the 223 Wylde. I believe the full upper is from Aero Precision. I have an Aero full lower, minus the buttstock, on the way. Also a mission First minimalist buttstock. Any other thoughts on this build or suggestions.


Dane I can’t help you. I can see you have more knowledge on building than I do.

But after reading this project of yours I do want to complement you on you patience. :wink:
Good luck.



The Wylde chamber has very subtle differences so NATO spec ammo or 223 Rem can be safely fired. Due to the freebore difference the Wylde is a better design if you are using very long heavy bullets for long ranges. Its a good thing.

You can load the same way as you always have but you can get better long range performance from heavy bullets and be able to seat them longer OAL. It is a very popular and widely used chamber.


Unless you WANT to know more about the Wylde chamber, just shoot through the upper without any special concerns. When I build AR’s, and I have built dozens, I prefer & look for the Wylde-chambered barrels.

I attained Master Classification in NRA High Power Rifle shooting a Wylde-chambered Match Rifle. The only thing that keeps me from High Master is me.


I do have some Winchester Ranger in the upper 170’s gr those might be very effective


I do wylde in my 20/and 18s, distance and accuracy, got a 10" and 7" in wylde for the ammo universal aspect. cant go wrong with wylde.


Krieger barrels are hugely popular in High Power competition and his AR15 barrels are all Wylde.chambers, 7.7 twist for heavy bullets.

Been a long time since I bought anything but a Krieger for any bullet launcher I cared about the accuracy of.

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I’ve got two in .223 Wylde, one 20" SS AR and a lever gun. No real issues to report overall though the lever gun’s chamber would seem to be made to some slightly tighter tolerances and as a result doesn’t care for reman ammo (it’ll run most of it fine but usually fails to get at least one round into battery). That said, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another one.


you tried a Dracos straight jacket yet ?


I have not. To me a rifle is for 600 yards or more so light weight barrels don’t really make it to my shopping list except for plinkers. They are a very interesting technology for those interested in a light carbine that very good accuracy is important on.


I do Heavy as well for distance. thinking about doing a 224 Valkyrie in their straight jacket 24" barrel though. tempting.


When I bought my RRA it was Wylde - I didn’t think it was a different caliber, but I didn’t know what it was. I had bought it from friends who are RRA dealers, so no problem. As everyone else says, works fine, lasts long time…


I agree, if you shoot .556 or 223 you can not go wrong with the wylde chamber.


I finished my “unintended 223 Wylde build”
Upper - Switched to an Aero 15" S-0ne mlok handguard and added Magpul Pro LR sights, Mlok fore grip, QD sling point and soft rubber hand guard panels.
Lower - Aero lower with Mission First Minimalist stock, Hogue finger groove grips, Blackhawk 45 degree ambi safety, Stractech magwell grip and an ALG trigger.
Not intending to add lights, lasers or optics at this time. Wanted to put together something fast and light. It came in at 6lbs 15oz. A full 3lbs lighter than my Ruger SR556 piston rifle w/optics. I was also able to put it together for about $800-900. So for what started out as a major screw up turned out pretty good.


Great hand guard. Hell, pretty much anything from AP is solid gear. “The Finger” started life as an upper only build using a 20" stainless fluted Aero Precision/Ballistic Advantage .223 Wylde barrel to be swapped out on my AR556 and ended up as an almost exclusive AP firearm (save the furniture and trigger) somewhat by accident…in this case a happy one as she performs flawlessly. The only issues I’ve had were magazine-related.