.223 Accuracy Expectations @ 100 Yards

Been a minute since my last post. I have a rifle that I just finished, took it to the range for her maiden voyage yesterday, beautiful day BTW. Everything went really well, just wanted to get some opinions of what I should be expecting at 100 yards because I feel a little disappointed. I brought 5.56 62g, 55g, .223 55g, and some .223 75g Hornady Match ammo. With all ammo I was inconsistent in my 3 shot groups except the Hornady Match. With the 75g I was able to get all groups within 1.25 MOA

Taking into consideration Im no Jerry Miculek, what should my expectations realistically be?

Rifle Info:
AERO 18" .223 Wylde 1:8 twist
Vortex DB Tactical 4-16 x44

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


At that distance everyone will have different expectations. Since you are asking, I personally feel satisfaction by at least hitting the burm and not launching a round off into Oklahoma. So my definition of “group” is more of a geographic approach.


Appreciate the reply :slight_smile: lol and totally understandable that people would have different expectation.

Personally I’m trying to be as precise as possible.


Your results are not good from an 18" barrel. I would expect better from at least one of the ammo’s you tried.

Trigger? If it’s heavy, consistency will take work. And, I’d take a hard look at the barrel.


I recall seeing a gun review, might have been Mr. GnG and pretty sure it was chambered in .223/5.56, where the results varied drastically with different rounds fired from the same gun, possibly as much down to weight as it was brand. Some were almost stacked while other groups measured in inches. All of the ammo was from reputable manufacturers, you wouldn’t think there’d be that much variation.

Suppose it’s possible your build just has a particular taste for what it eats?


Would anyone really even notice or care :joy: no no im sure theres some good about Oklahoma.


I wonder if that was his video review of the Lead Star Grunt AR. I’ve watched that video, along with one done by Johnny B on the same rifle. They both noticed that the gun favored heavier bullet weights. It does have a 1:7 twist, and the manufacturer recommends something like 77 grain


Thank you guys.
The barrel, bolt and upper receiver are all from Aero precision.

Not the best but certainly not the worst. Trigger is a single stage CMC 3.5lb?
And you are all correct about a 1:8 twist favoring the heavier grain bullets.
Could it be because its brand new and still need breaking in?


You may find a 1/8 twist at 18" will like a 69gr BTHP pushed around 3000fps. Wouldn’t hurt to try a box.


This. Not sure if it really makes a difference, but there are many that swear by it.

I don’t see mention of the muzzle device in use. If you’re using some fancy muzzle brake, try a simple A2 style.


Hi Festus,
Thanks for your help. I have an A1 flash.


That shouldn’t affect the accuracy. Your build sounds very much like my last one, give the 69gr/3000fps a try. Even a bit faster won’t hurt.


Hey louie088

More detail on the 3" grouping.
How many inches apart?
Are you hitting a 7.5x11" paper?

I’d expect when you have the MOA corrected you should be hitting a a paper sized target. I also have the Vortex Tactical scope and it works OK. I am getting a palm sized group at 100 yards, benched, sitting, supported by hand.

Are you in a similar setup? Benched and rested to sighted in at 25 yards first?


So I was bench resting with my hand guard on some sandbags, honestly didn’t have the most comfortable hold at first. No Bi-Pod
But yes bench rested, was trying to zero at 100 since I hit paper on my first shot at 100. Heres the photo of the target with the 75g best shots of the day.

The other ammo M193 & M885 was all over the place in comparison to the groups with the .223 75g Hornady Match (on the photo).


Hey, did you sight it in a 25 yards.
Try that with the best grouping rounds.
Then reach out further down range with the same that hold grouping well.
Just my approach and MHO that worked for me.
I still have to dial the scope in but I am about the same as you with 5 rounds.


I did not sight in at 25, I went straight to the 100 and my first shot was on paper, So I was trying to dial everything in from 100.


I did the exact same thing then went back to 25 and then jumped to 100 when grouping was nearly spot on dead centre.
Then using the same amination in the same support setup should be somewhat the same with MOA compensated for.

Seems at


I understand what your saying and will have to give that a try… maybe Ill do 25, 50, then 100…See if my results get better. Also going to try some of the 69g @Festus mentioned


Sounds logical.
Maybe, first, try the 69g at 25 and see how it groups.
If it’s tight and what you are looking for I’d jump to 100.
Should be the same or better than what you posted 1st.
I like the target you used. Note on the bottom centre the example of 25 yard grouping. Do better than that at 25 and should be similar at 100.
I am still dialing my 7mm mag in at 100, it’s taking time but working through it.


Ok … ammo does make a difference. I note you mention uncomfortable hold. I’d work the scope on its mounts until it gets comfortable enough to get a reoeatable cheek weld.

Your scope is probably fixed 100yd objective. I would stay at 100. 2 clicks up and 2 clicks right would move the center of your group to the POA (point of aim) for that ammo. I would not move to closer distance unless you actually adjust the scope’s position in the mounts. The other reason to move closer is to get the target to show bigger in your field of view; e.g. if you think you need more magnification to target your point of aim more precisely - this doesn’t appear to be a problem.

M855 is not an accurate round IME - I would not use it to judge a build. M193 can be very accurate in the right gun if it is good quality M193. There is a LOAD of junk M193 making the rounds in this shortage. Your twist rate is not M193 ideal, so I wouldn’t judge the build with those.

@Festus is giving you good advice.

A high quality 69gr round should give optimal performance for your 1:8 barrel. Use a heavy bullet in a quality cartridge and stretch to 5 shot groups. Avoid heating your barrel, take your time and see what you can do with your rifle.

I’m developing the opinion that a highly experienced target shooter might get better performance than you are reporting. This isn’t a bad thing. I think you will continue to improve your skills.

There is a class for your rifle in @Festus’ mail-in-match. Shoot it for a few months - I bet you find your rythm.