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.22 Kind of day

Enjoyed an afternoon with a couple of new .22’s.
The TX22 is brand new and the Browning SA22 was brand new in 1995 but had not been shot until today.
Both were flawless, 540 rounds through the Taurus and 60 rounds through the Browning.
Great fun.


We all love a Ruger 10-22, and most people I know have one, but that Browning is just one superior quality rifle. There is confidence in owning a well made and reliable gun, but there is a special pride in owning one that takes things to another level.


Could not of put that better!
It took me about five years to find this Browning, built 1995, in the original box with all the paperwork.
It’s does not disappoint.


Umm … well, me too! My SA22 lives in a class by itself. I like it more than any of my Marlins including the 7000T, the 7000 and the 7795.

I didn’t know how awesome it was till I emptied the mag tube a few times and field stripped it. Just a wow maker of a firearm.


I still have my Marlin bolt action .22 that I bought in the 70’s when I was 14. I rode my bike five miles to the store, plunked down ninety hard earned dollars on the counter with the rifle I’d been looking at for months. The owner, who was friends with my dad, called him to make sure it was OK and of course he said yes. The owner threw a brick of 22’s in my pack, took the ninety dollars and sent me on my way. I rode back home with the rifle strapped to the horizontal bar on my bicycle, proud as a peacock.

I have been thinking about buying another rifle but haven’t found one yet that could replace the old Marlin.


I love shooting any .22 round. S, L, & LR from my Henry’s. CZ 455’s, Tikka T1x, S&W M&P-15/22, Taurus TX22 & three beautiful S&W SW-22 Victory’s (one Performance Center & two heavily [TK] & Volquartsen custom builds).


I have never even seen a Browning .22, they sure know how to make theirs look the best. That Browning looks like a 30-06 safari rifle, good for you sir !


When I bought my TX-22 I was only aware of it in three choices of colors so I picked OD Green, had I know about the American flag style, I would have picked the exact same one as you did. Tell me about the suppressor you chose and how much that set you back if you don’t mind please.



Tha Browning SA-22 has been in production since 1904, it was a John Moses Browning design hence its quality and longevity. It is also a take down design that field strips without any tools.

I have two .22 suppressors, a Ruger Silence SR and an AAC pilot.
The one pictured is the AAC.
It is a .22 LR only and was $99 + $200 Tax Stamp.

It is a very good can for .22, very quiet.
The Ruger can is .22 Mag capable and is a very nice can although more expensive, around $350 + $200 tax stamp.
I can also recommend the Rugged Suppressors .22 can, one of the best out there and on my wish list.


Hi Nigel,

Thank you for the fast reply, the ACC Suppressor is affordable then for my Taurus TX-22 and my Charger 10/22. I will be visiting their website and getting all the information to start the ball rolling.

Take care,

Paul Shaar

Orange Park, Florida

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I just purchased a HK 416 22LR. The trigger is not so good and I don’t foresee any aftermarket parts coming soon, will M Carbo ever make triggers for these?

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Checkout https://www.silencershop.com/
Many choices and they will walk you through the process.

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