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2019 Super Bowl: NFL Learn A Lesson?


Decided to watch the Superbowl opening ceremonies. Figured if no one kneeled for the National Anthem I might watch the game. To my surprise, I saw no one kneeling. Has the NFL begun to realize their tolerance to non patriotic conduct would not be tolerated by the majority any longer? Wish these spoiled players would remember that even if they don’t think things are perfect, no other country in the world gives them the opportunity to make millions for playing a game. They should show respect for the country and the flag that gives them the opportunity as well as the veterans who have fought to give them that right


I am not watching again this year. Truthfully i lost interest even before the kneeling bs. I prefer college football for sure. I hear the halftime show is gonna be full of references to the whole kneeling debacle.
I for one will stick with Hockey


I will watch the halftime. Purposely avoided the opening.


Won’t watch any of it, screw’em.


I believe: Brady will retire after this game.
Even though he said he wouldn’t.


I don’t give a damn about pro football. I’ll watch the commercials on-line later and that’s as much attention I ever give the Super Bowel (yes, I spelled that correctly) . :+1:



Scott, I ‘totally’ agree with you… Pro ‘Bowel Movement’ Event!!! Right on…





A friggin’ hemorrhoid, of course??? LMAO



Patriots 13 Rams 3


I have not watched any pro football for several years! My family and I were avid watchers back in the 1970’s, 1980"s and into the 1990’s. Then it got out of hand. They had to celebrate everything, not just touchdowns. Once the kneeling started, I vowed I would never watch again. I completely understand we are a free country and they have the right to kneel, but if we stop watching the sport, it will DIE. With no fan base there’s no PROFIT and no profits means no contracts.



Same here-I quit the national felon league several years ago and I ain’t ever coming back!


I swore off professional sports years ago when MLB went on strike for more money…


I call it the STUPERBOWL because how brain numbing it is.
2 weeks of hype and over ANALized. All it is is a money grab!


NASCAR did the same thing with killing off the sport. Over regulation instead of just letting guys build cars and race. Banning Confederate flags, attire, etc. Way to alienate a huge part of their fan base. Beer swilling rednecks in the south. Sorry, but it’s true. :rofl:


It really is. I always laugh at the grown “men” who put so much time and effort into memorizing sportsball statics going back over decades.


Any of you guys ever check out any Australian Rules Football? I got into watching it with some friends for a while years ago. Kind of like full contact soccer with an occasional hockey fight. :smiley: :+1:


Isn’t that just called rugby? LOL


the irish play them ever 2 years or so in a comprimised rules and most of the time the irish come out on top in the punch ups as well as the matches :muscle::fist_left::facepunch::+1:


@hunter1916 Go Irish!! :+1: