M*CARBO Brotherhood

2018 Hornady Area 3 Championship

All Things SUB-2000!

So I went to Nebraska to shoot Area 3. I wound up 3rd in pcc shooting the sub2k. It was a great match and there were some amazing shooters there. 3rd place pcc and 3rd place Grandmaster. I am happy with that. However I will be pushing for a win at Area 4. I was able to take High Overall in the last 3 club matches. Its fun shooting something different than all the other top shooters. The sub sure turns some heads! I’d post some videos but I am unable. Anyhoo, just wanted to drop in and give a match update .


Here is an unloaded start picure. Push hard.


@AAAConcealment Great job .Looking forward to more reports

nice job Greg! I saw a picture of the huge prize table, hope you got something awesome :slight_smile:

Thanks for your match results. Good Job. R S

I shot Friday so I wasn’t there for awards and prize table :frowning: im hoping they send a plaque or something. I did however receive a certificate for some molded ear plugs. I was able to get those done at lunch and 1 stage later I picked them up and wore them the rest of the match. They work great!