$2000+ SUB2000 What Are Your Thoughts?


Was digging around looking into suppressor and came across this article.

So the question is. Is this crazy or is this bad @$$?

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If you’ve got the money, looks sweet to me. All the advantages of a Sub with a suppressor built in. Though if you factor in MCARBO upgrades and tax stamps you’re looking at more like a 3k plus gun.

Personally, I’m thinking of doing a .300BLK AR Pistol with a folding brace. Even more compact, can be legally concealed in my state, and even with a suppressor could fit in a backpack or under a jacket. Depending on brand, could be comparably priced or cheaper, and you’ve got better ballistics.

But hey, this project turns a cool gun into a cooler one. Thumbs up from me, but not my wallet.



That’s a $500 can, 2x $200= $400 in stamps, $200 in RLP. So that’s a $900 SBR’d rifle. If the builder is savvy that $900 will also cover a full complement of M*Carbo run rite bits.

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This is a really cool article and really gets you thinking…what do you guys think about barrels with pinned suppressors?


Very interesting but really don’t know much about suppressors. And kinda hope some guys with more knowledge come along. My only concern is cleaning and maintenance of a fully enclosed or pinned up one. I am sure it does work because they sell them like that and maybe I am just being over cautious.


@ChrisNelson some guys I know run a company called MBX and they have designed a 14” barrel with their comp pin welded on giving the barrel a legal 16”. Pretty neat and genius I think.

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I like that they’ve engineered a true butt stock on the rifle but I’m skeptical if this build actually legit. the Serialized portion of the gun looks to be replaced and remade with an Illinois stamp on it. :thinking:
With the bolt zip tied forward I’m skeptical if the rifle even functions


@Doitsouthstyle Yes it is :wink:


@ChrisNelson One of the upside of pinned suppressors is that it could be long enough not to be an SBR. Saves a few tax dollars. One of the downsides is that you would need another Suppressor for the rest of your weapons. So your tax savings goes to Uncle Sugar for the other can.


@Matt I’m skeptical also. The article was from 2013. The grip texture and plastic border around the safety tell me it’s a Gen1. The M4 stock looks like it was just placed on the end of the tube with the zip tie to keep the charging handle from moving it. Serial numbers on Gen1’s were on the left grip.


@ChrisNelson I’m all in for suppressors pinned or not when the Feds do away with a 6 month+ wait time, the $200 tax stamp, and the need to have an NFA dealer process your purchase.


I’m definitely not interested in a pinned suppressor to save $200. I think it’d cost a lot more due to neglect from lack of servicing/cleaning when I could otherwise unscrew it and service it myself.

On the other hand, an integrally suppressed barrel would be awesome and potentially save a stamp over the version presented in the article. I think it sorta sucks that the configuration requires an SBR stamp even though the barrel is only short to fit the suppressor.

The integrally suppressed barrel is also cool as Ruger has already demonstrated that you can sell an integrally suppressed rifle; send’m home with a regular barrel; and, deliver the good stuff after the tax stamp lands.


Here’s another I came a crossed but I am pretty sure the article said that the cost per unit was to high.

Definitely could use some cosmetic enhancements but and idea…


I think it shows ‘sky’s the limit’ on this stuff and there’s definitely a market for an already customized MCARBO’d out SUB2000.

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@Doitsouthstyle Matt that is really a butt ugly Gen1. Lost its folding ability also. Does it come with an oven mitt?


CLASSIC ! :rofl: Well Spoken BUTT UGLY It Is !!:sunglasses:


What Did Ruger do for the Recent 10/22 HMR with a Suppressor it looked Interesting as Far as the Internal Design of it.

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Alright last one was hideous but how about a SBR & Suppressed Sub 2000?


@Doitsouthstyle if you like a big dose of hot gas and fouling being sprayed in your face every trigger pull…lol


@Doitsouthstyle Support hand is just a little too close to the can for my taste. Ouch!