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200 yard shots with the s2k

I just saw this and thought I would share.


Math doesn’t add up for me. With a starting velocity of 1200 and a finishing velocity of 875 for 200 yards, that gives me just over .62 seconds flight time. Speed of sound doesn’t drop and is 1122, for a flight time of .58. That is 1.2 seconds from shot until we could hear the report of the steel. This video had the report well under a second, maybe at 2/3 of a second at best.

In my experience, ranges are very often like the fish that got away.


Holy cow @Fishbread! Math much LOL.

I think he’s making those shots. But, looking at the range, I don’t think he’s anywhere near 200 yards. It doesn’t look that much further than maybe 130. I wonder how he measured it. If you played football and spent time looking at the other end when you are at the other, you get a feel for distance.

Don’t think he was trying to mislead. Nice shots with the S2K regardless.



Agreed…for sure does not look like 200 yards to me but maybe the video just makes it look shorter. He also calls the PCC a Pistol “Class” Carbine so who knows, but seems like an alright guy.


Here’s a similar shoot and distance…and target “ring hit” time…
I assume they are both shooting 115g?