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2.5" Model 19 vs. Michigan LE Qualification

Hi all! This one was a real “blast”. I hope you like it!



After I made Detective, I carried a S&W Chief’s Spec for about 10 yrs. It was actually my own personal gun. I turned down the offer from the Dept to carry one of a few old Colt Cobras they had laying around. About a year before we transitioned to S&W 9mm 6906, the LT. said I should actually be carrying a Dept owned weapon and asked me what I would like. My reply, a S&W model 19 2 1/2 in. They bought me a brand new one. Really liked that gun and still have it. When we transitioned to the 9mm, I was able to buy that 1 year old mod 19 from the Dept for $150. Shot it several times for qualifications during that one year. No problem shooting expert with it. Always loved the S&W revolvers, carried 3 different models during my career.


That 2 1/2" Model 19 is a fabulous revolver (as are pretty much all Model 19’s). I’m glad you still have it!