2-22-2022! (2A Day?)

Got a few promo emails for “2nd Ammendment Day” sales that got the wheels turning - would be a good 22LR only day. Tried to get the Mrs to come, but she wasn’t feeling great, so solo session it was. Expected to see some others there, but had the place to myself (again). Did anybody else partake in any range fun yesterday, or am I just looking for excuses to go shoot? Lol


Went to the range last night. Took my AR15 with the 22lr CMMG BRAVO SS conversion kit (it was actually delivered yesterday) and my Glock 44. So yep, yesterday was all about 22.

And because today is February 23rd… tonight it’s going to be .223 night.
On March 2nd going to take out my CZ70 and run some 32 ACP.
Then, hopefully I will still be alive in May of 2056… and can celebrate 5.56 month.

The 9mm is screwed.


@TexasEskimo what do you think of the CMMG conversion kit? I have had mine for several years now and jammed several times the first time I used the magazines. I thought I had made a mistake until I lightly oiled the followers… night and day difference. Now no issues with jamming.