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1st post - SS feed ramp install

All Things SUB-2000!

Just bought used sub2k gen 2 in .40. It was filthy so it got a deep cleaning and trip to the range where it had several failures to feed. Shooting standard ball range ammo from factory glovk 23 mags. I just ordered a few parts from mcarbo but was also thinking about getting the ss feed ramp. Do you think it will help? Install looks like I need to take the whole thing apart…do I? Is there an easier way to install it?

Thanks for the help


I consider the feed ramp and hammer bushing absolutely essential, and yes, you’ll have to take it all apart but Chris’ videos are excellent and make it relatively easy. I suggest doing all the internal upgrades in one shot so you don’t need to open it twice. While it’s apart you can really deep clean everything, along with polishing the hammer, sear, feed ramp, and anything else that moves or rubs - you’d be amazed at the difference that makes. Taking it apart isn’t difficult but it’s not something you’ll want to do often.

Without knowing more it’s hard to tell what’s causing the FTFs, but I’m sure the Brotherhood can help.


I agree with @phuzzy42, the fees ramp is definitely essential. I was leery about installing the internal parts as well, but the videos make it very manageable.


For some reason I can’t find the video for the feed ramp. Can somebody post it? All I find is the ramp polishing video.


@Pointhunter75 A little peek starting at the 11:00 mark…

I do not think there is a separate video for the SS feed ramp, but it is covered in the All in One Video (link below). The install is pretty obvious once the grip is opened with the trick being to get the grip halves back together.

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