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1953 Marlin 39a

I found my unicorn. I’ve been looking for a 1953 Marlin 39 a lever action for several years. That was the first gun passed down to me when I was 8 (I just turned 65 but don’t tell). It has the wear expected and I wanted and shoots great. I could do well with the irons but my eyes require trifocals now and I like to have fun at distance and close. I shot a lot of rabbits and frogs with that gun and yes we ate everything (except turtles snakes and pest) because we were poor and it mattered. I love Marlins. They had some issues with Remington quality, but my new 336 xlt ss 30-30 is solid. Changed the trigger, loading gate and added a nice scope and it’s a blast to shoot. When Ruger bought out Rem. I was thrilled. I contacted the owner of Ruger (yes you can do that and he will get back with you) and told him I was wanting to get the Marlin 45-70 in the same configuration as my 30-30 but wanted the Ruger built one because of their quality. He assured me that Ruger will be continuing the Marlin lever guns we all love and bring back those that have been forgotten. And the quality will be top shelf so I’m going to wait till they retool and put one out. Here are a couple of pics of my 39 a and my 336


I have a Marlin 39A Mountie Carbine with gold trigger. It is a tack driver. I dont know what year it was made, I bought it At the Army BX in Japan
In 1963.


I love lever guns. Older the better. I like bolt actions and high end handguns. My Ruger Precision 6.5 Creedmoor can reach out for distance. Grendel and others do well too but that’s all load development.
Love to see yours (and others here) to post pictures of their 39a and perhaps a good story with it (true or not…Ha!) Just kidding