Dad had one way back when but he ended up selling it. I can’t remember exactly what it was but he had it for a few years and sold it in 1972 and it was either polished stainless or chromed. A couple years ago I was curious about the 1911’s and stopped by my local guns shop just to look at them. Saw a used Ruger SR1911CMD that they wanted $550 + tax. I got it for $500 out the door. When the original owner bought it, the gunshop gave him a box of ammo. He went and shot it all up, liked the gun so he went to buy more ammo. He was shocked at the price difference between 9mm and .45ACP so he traded the 1911 in on a 9mm pistol. I hand load so the price of ammo isn’t that big of a deal.


Just got back from a gun show and held a Colt Competition 1911 in .45ACP and 9mm and all I can say is wow, very comfortable to hold…might have to break away from my Glock 35…which I love.

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Sounds very lucky !!!

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i own a COLT National Match made in 1970. beautiful pistol. 10 shot ragged hole. have only put 20 rounds thru it in ten years:


I have four 45’s, S&W 1911 custom, Springfield Armory 1911 with match barrel and trigger, M&P gen 1 with a new trigger, EEA Witness. If I had to choose just one I’d take my Springfield Armory 1911 it will shoot almost any load you put in it and and very accurate.


What do you think of the sights on the springfield ?

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I put custom sights on it the day after I bought it. It’s been awhile Got the 1911 in the 70’s so don’t remember the name of or model of the sights but they are fully adjustable.

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I’ve got a Range Officer. You better not be in a hurry as the sights, for me anyway, are difficult to pick up when shooting against a black target. Love the gun though. Great trigger and really fun to shoot, definitely my most accurate handgun.


Range officer here as well. Real accurate i have a target rear and night site front on it Love the trigger, love the accuracy, single stack grips,love how it’s a pretty pistol. Got an m9 as well, another pretty gun with a great trigger and accuracy…and also a Glock 19 and 43…my carry guns. The glock vs. 1911 fights always make me laugh as i like them both.


Hi Matt,

I’m very interested in your front sight set up. Would you mind saying a little more about that? Brand, model, etc. I’ve thought about new sights but adjustable target sights are fairly expensive, and I bought this as a bulls eye gun. I do carry it when hiking our East Tenn property when we visit though. There’s a pretty healthy population of black bears in this area. We carry bear mace but I don’t really trust it. We see them from the house all the time. Heck, they climb up on the porch and raid the bird seed feeders.

I’d like to pick up that front post a little more quickly if needed.



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Hi John. Here’s the link. I bought the rear sights as well, but don’t think the dovetail was right and basically munched the sight…dumb on my part. Front sight was easy, and I really like it, both day and night. My RO came with target sights standard, rear is a bit large, but I like how it works, definitely an accurate setup.


@Dumasor Hey John, the sights on the link that Matt just sent you look much nicer than the ones I found on Ebay so I deleted that post…thanks Matt.

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Thx Dave, Matt.

I’ll look at these.



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Two questions please?

Did you buy the 1 or 2 dot sight, and if you had to do it again, would you install the rear sight also?

I’ve read about Harrisons on several blogs. People seem to like them. Thanks for the link and advice.



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I have always loved the 1911, looks like I might be getting one around the end of the month. Can’t say which one it is but there is a very good chance I will have a 45acp 1911 soon. Coming from a family member.


it is so clean on the lines it looks fake. That is a very nice piece. Have you shot it yet?

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It’s 3 years Old and Thousands of the 22 tcm round haven’t even put the 9mm barrel in it, The Halo’s it produces at the Range and Loudness, Get people Asking what is that? The Women shooters Love It, 17 Rounds of Pure Fun and Home Defense.


2 dot and yes I would add the rear. Should have stopped before forcing the issue. Otoh, my RO is simply my range gun, and it suits it’s purpose well as set up. I shoot falling plates at 15 and 25, and have fun hitting 12x15 inch steel at 100 about half my shots. Love that .45, big and slow, let’s you know where it’s hitting. Showed a guy that trick with his Les Baer the other day, and once he got steel, he was hooked.

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Love my Springfield Champion


I’ll play!