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I finally got my 1911. It’s a Springfield 45acp 4.5" barrel with 6 mags. Haven’t shot it yet but I plan on doing so soon.


I realy like the finish. Distinctive solid look. Great looking grip. :+1::+1::+1:


Thank you, I can’t take credit for the setup. I received the 45 the way is. Was used for years as a leo weapon until forced into being put a side for a Glock 27.


K … so …

I added to my collection yesterday. The 9mm Spartan V is new to the family. It’s pictured with the 45ACP Duty One that’s riding my hip this weekend. So … this is my STI, Texas 1911, collection:


Just watched an eddition of tails of the gun on MH channel.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5W5I7pSJ8Qit was on this set of 1911’s


@Turmeric1 I saw that show. Just amazing how they made them. Gotta say that I’m not crazy about the looks. Don’t get me wrong if I had a spare 4 million laying around,I would probably get them.:grin:


@godallmighty Um, that would be a spare “4.5 mil” …but what’s another $500,000 anyway.


Here’s all I have (for now) in full size 1911’s:


Really enjoy my Smith & Wesson SC-e series 1911 Bobtail.


Remington R1 my dad bought me for a graduation present. By far my favorite pistol to shoot.


A long time ago I was given a Colt - serial number indicated its a 1974 Gold Cup National Match with the big lettering, Series 70.

It sits on my top shelf on display in a locked box, while my other firearms are in the safe.

Sorry for all the reflections but you get the idea. That’s where it sits.

I shot it and man, like butter. I love shooting for recreation and own / shoot competition guns like the CZ Shadow2 and soon to get a Walter Q5 Match Pro when the prices come down after it’s release frenzy. This gun I use for reference to those.


Love my Sig 1911’s. The full size was my first one, the smaller Ofc’s model is my latest. One of the deciding factors was the opposite contrast to the first one. Replaced the original G-10 grips on both with Hogue soft rubber finger groove ones. Very comfortable to shoot and very accurate.

The top one is the 1911 Fastback Nightmare 5 in. and the bottom one is the 1911UT-45-NI in 3 1/2 in.


Here are my newest additions to my growing 1911 collection. Sig 1911 C3 4in. 45 acp and Springfield 1911 EMP 3 in. in 40 cal.


Here is all 4 I currently have, still looking at more


So … I shot the Plastic Fantastic 1911 today - American Tactical calls it the FXH 45. 100 rounds of Federal 230 gr FMJ and the only failures were the crap included magazine proving itself too craptastical to hold the slide open on the last round ever. The Tripp Cobras that made the trip managed to perform at 100%.

Great sight picture with the Glock sights (yes, really, they did) but POI is about 4" low at 10 yards - shouldn’t be to hard to file away plastic so it’ll fix easy enough.

Impressions … it weighs 'bout nothing. But the plastic sucks up any recoil impulse the light weight might of added. Trigger is clean; reset is short and positive.

I’m feeling very lucky to have scored the deal I did. Mine was test fired in December 2015 and the s/n puts it in the first 200 units. I’ve watched for one since 2016 and availability has been spotty. I don’t think they’ve sold well. It’s too bad 'cause it is waaaay awesomer than my other plastic pistol (M&P).

This is an awesome pistol. Disclosure: the frame rails are plastic. I’m not gonna baby her, but I’ve nixed the idea of swapping in the 460 Rowland bits. I’m confident she’ll feed SD rounds but I’ll be verifying that shortly.


Interesting, not familiar with that. But I’ve considered a used M&P 45 for a 460 conversion, just for that Uber powerful handgun option. I’m a fan of M&P ergos of course, but 1911s are always fun.

If I get another full size 1911, Rock Island’s double stack 10mm would be highly considered. With good loads that would be an excellent woods gun.


K … so … I am revisiting my post on the Plastic Fantastic 1911.

The quality of this pistol has been haunting my thoughts enough that I accidentally learned a few things. I had no idea that the ATI I know as importers of S.A.M. 1911s out of the Philippines also produce guns. They are doing pioneering work in adapting polymer to roles traditionally reserved for metals.

This sexy little hybrid jalopy is 100% US Made in South Carolina. I thought I was chasing an import monstrosity over my entire 2+ year casual search. And, I told y’all I was impressed by the trigger. Well, it might be because the 10 pull average measured out to 3lb 10oz when I broke down and put it to the scale.

I also saw some SHOT 2015 footage that showed a cutaway of the frame that revealed the steel reinforcement strategy.

I stole this thing for $316 and I would have paid retail years ago if I’d realized that it wasn’t an Import. If you have a chance to buy one - grab it - you’ll thank me for this advice.


WELL i will be dipped in batter and lightly fried, American Tactical is only bout 8 miles from me if i take old orangeburg road… have to run over and check em out.


Best functioning out of the box 1911 yet. Accurate as well. Good groups at 50 yards.


Thanks to Uncle Sam, the very first handgun I ever shot was an M1911A1. It was love at first sight(alignment/trigger squeeze). It took a while, but I finally had one of my own, some 10+ years after my enlistment ended in the 70’s.