I just have to say, I STILL LOVE MY 1911


She ain’t real mysterious but you know she works


Found this at a gun store. it was an exchange thing. Paid $730.00 for it. Why? well the feed ramp had NO marks on it. The trigger had 1 minimal scratch.


Sure, I’ll play along!



My 22 T.C.M./9MM Rock Island Custom by Mr John Glass&Fred Craig

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I first learned to shoot with a 1911, Military 1973. I always had a problem with the weapon. being a lefty if I wasn’t careful my fingers would hit the magazine release and drop it right of the weapon. Nothing more embarrassing to do in front of the range master. I did many pushups for dropping the magazine. Still love the guns just never bought one for myself.


I’m on this list as well, 3 Kimbers.
Pro Carry II
Ultra Carry II

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My humble Kimber Pro BP Ten II. 14rds of .45acp on tap. My only other 1911 is a commander sized Rock Island.


Wow, that is a nice lineup. I have shot the Kimber 45 with a 3" barrel and it was sweet. what I didn’t like was the trigger job he had done 2.25lbs pull. to light for me. :us:


Could you tell us more about the grip panel’s and the sights? that’s a quality firearm I like it.


I wish I had more info on it’s history. A friend of mine was given it by a “cowboy” down in Texas when she had a ranch there,then I got it from her a few years later. Seems like it might have been used in competition. It probably started life as a Texas Rangers service weapon or might have been brought up from Mexico.


Would there be any way for you to take the slide off take a look underneath and see if there is any numbers or &%*@ thanks for the information, that’s a really cool pistol with some great history behind it thanks for putting that one up there!


I drink the koolaid, but … not in closets.

I don’t have pictures on this tablet but I’m game for the memory exercise:

  1. Dan Wesson Silverback 10mm
  2. STI Duty One 5.0 45ACP
  3. RIA 22TCM/9mm single stack 5"
  4. Custom 460 Rowland (Clark barrel/comp) on a double stack RIA frame
  5. Another double stack RIA frame that runs a) Mechtech 460 Rowland, Mechtech 10mm, and RIA 22TCM commander slide/barrel
  6. Unfinished build on single stack frame
  7. Wilson Combat 22lr slide conversion
  8. Sig’s 938 - feels like an itty bitty 1911, so…

Yes the 938 does feel like that. just a solid simple pistol. A good weight for the design !


I’ll do it later and post what I see :us:


Thanks for looking it’s always fun looking for Hidden Treasures. I like old guns especially old American Guns, that’s a cool one thank you for taking the time, appreciate it.

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My dad has one and I love it going to be my next purchase one of these two

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First learned on a military issued Colt 1911 at around the age of 10. It was one of the many guns in my father's collection. I now have a Sig 45 cal 1911 Fastback Nightmare. Very accurate, light trigger pull and comes with nite sights. It also looks really good too.

Kimber Ultra Cary II 45 acp. I don’t leave home without it!