17WSM anyone like this

17WSM, anyone enjoying it ?


There was this thread on here a while back.
Winchester super mag .17 cartridge rifles - Rifle - M*CARBO Brotherhood (mcarbo.com)

As I stated in that thread, my boss loves his.
He gets crazy groups with it at 300 yards.


I bought the heavy barreled Savage. Find it great. I haven’t gone beyond 200 with game or sighting as I doubt it’s clean killing beyond,
But it’s accuracy is super. Covers a nickel at 100. Trigger is marvelous. Kills are instant including a raccoon that was huge.
Also a pleasure to shoot at length. Kinda like a 22 magnum. I bulked up on ammo before the corona balona. Don’t know about now. Tried all the brands and weights with similar success.
I would advise the heavy barrel. Closing the bolt is annoying at first. That’s how it cocks. Read the safe was an issue. It’s not to me. Barrel is pointed safely regardless of loaded status.
Maybe I sound like a Savage ad but couldn’t be more pleased with a gun.
Closing the bolt is somewhat annoying


Thanks, for the input.
I have been leaning towards that bmag heavy with the Boyds stock.
I think it will complement the A17 and A22.
I have reservations on thr RUGER 77/17.