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17 HMR conversion barrel for PMR30?

I’m just wondering if you would consider a 17HMR conversion barrel for the PMR30?
Every time I go to Sportsman’s warehouse, they have it in stock. 22WMR can be hard to find.


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Thank you, I know it’s a strange question, but I have a .22TCM barrel for my Glock, so i know it would be possible.

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Sadly it wouldn’t work since the way a PMR uses the weight and the drag of the projectile to delay the cycling of the action. You will notice the PMR performs poorly with lighter grain rounds. I’m sure if they could make a .17 DI or Piston driven pistol but that’s about the only way it would work since there isn’t enough barrel length to operate a hybrid blowback system.

Only reliable .17 blowback operated pistols are on an AR platform like the Alexander Arms .17 piston in this link.