15-22, Rem Golden Bullet & colored smoke?!?

I’m glad I use eye pro! Something definitely went wrong - sounded bad and the excess smoke from the breech was blue and gray. Could not engage the safety, held off and waited 60 seconds and dropped the mag.

My learned, professional diagnosis was → WTF??? Removed this:

And then this:

My next thought was: who is gonna pay for this? I think I know the answer and I am not particularly happy about it.

Not exactly sure what the broken bit is - suspect something from the bolt - looking for a schematic now.

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Looks like extractor plunger. Is the extractor still in place in the bolt? Heres short vid i found real quick. TANDEMKROSS - Smith and Wesson® M&P®15-22 Extractor Spring and Plunger - Install Tips and Tricks - YouTube


You are correct! I didn’t know what was going on and I hate to take stuff apart in the field.

The extractor itself was no where to be found. After I got home and did a bit of checking, I find that 15-22 had some “issues” down there in the bolt department. Good find on that video! Like the saying goes: “If you build it, they will…” make replacement kits for the broken bits! :laughing:

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