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11" Aluminum Picatinny Rail

All Things SUB-2000!

I am soon to be the next KT fore end owner. I want to replace the top rail with a custom Prail but have no idea where to look.
Anyone that gives me a good lead will be wished Pie from @Johnksg for the next year.
At present, this is not a sanctioned give away just a desire to gain some knowledge.


25 slots also available at approx 10.25".


@Dred you be the MAN !!! That will look good sitting on top of the KT fore end.

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I guess I’m missing something @Turmeric but why are you replacing the pic rail on the Kel Tec forend? Is this one different spec? KT comes with four full length rails. Mine work perfectly.


He’s wanting to extend the topp rail forward to preserve the ability to latch it folded. @Turmeric is a tough one to keep up with 'cause the details and explanations are spread across many threads.


@Dred maybe we should create a thread just for @Turmeric to exclusively post all of his insights, projects, musings, and banter?

Might be the most interesting thread yet!

We could call it “from the mind of tumeric!”


John why would you say such a thing. Am I too boring to deal with ?:tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:

If I am so much an Ass ? I will stop…

Well, why not ? if that is a limitation? Lets see if it works. the parts are to be here Friday.
I will mill them out and report Monday or Tuesday.

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I have no idea IF I have a mind.?
Jost remember about the 2lb 12oz trigger which NO ONE WANTS.

Thank GOD U did not say “FROM THE BRAIN … " I seriously do not THINK” he has 1"

Mondays are for answering for other folk … I s’pose. I’m just going to let you know I believe you, too, are joking. Your quote left out the part 'bout most interesting thread here.

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Witch interesting THREAD is that ?

I was referencing this post (this thread):

I added the emphasis, but the remainder is a direct quote. When you pick it up in the next post you left out the last two sentences.

I’m still trying to confirm you are joking.

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Folks I do thank everyone for the help. The KT fore end and the picatinny are on the way.
Thanks for all the ribbing ! @Johnksg I will now go to my corner and drown my happiness in some good old gunsmithing.

Thanks for the turn on. I found at buds for $20.00.

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If it’s true variety is the spice of life then pass the diversity !

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@Turmeric actually just the opposite brother! I hope you were just pulling my leg and I did not offend you?

@Dred pointed out my full post was actually a complement to you!

You and I may disagree on details from time to time but I enjoy reading your posts and your “innovative” approach to firearms issues.


@Johnksg everything is good. Just was in the mood for the banter.
Sometimes I guess it is better to not respond. I just get going and do not know when to stop.
Like I said about myself I sometimes wonder if I have A BRAIN.
After spending 10 hours in an attic(6 pitch) tracking down a leak from Ice damage in the Middle of November in central Ohio. Go figure ! I was being onery

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I am now starting to strategize the lock interface