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10/22 Receiver Question

I was trying to install my 10/22 into the 90/22 chassis, and when it wasn’t fitting I realized it’s not just a stock receiver. Is this a scope mount or something? I needs to come off, but the screws are quite tight and I don’t want to force something I don’t understand.

If I do take it off, will I need replacement screws or what? Are the screws just for mounting things to the top or are they actually required for the receiver?


First the rail on top, It looks like an old style rail that is screwed into the top of the receiver. If the screws won’t loosen easily, they may have been locktighted in place. Hair dryer or heat gun should loosen the locktite. But you are right, will need the stock receiver cover screws ( little hex screws ). They are available online in all the normal places.
Next what is that contraption in the front of the trigger guard? Looks like an add on. Is that a something added for installing into the 90/22 chassis.


Ok, so what I expected. That makes sense! Thank you. The gun was purchased from a co-worker and I was under the impression that it was totally stock.

And yeah the 90/22 comes with an extended mag release and bolt release. I installed them prior trying to install the chassis.


That is the Weaver Rail that Ruger delivers with some new 10/22s so “factory” is an accurate description.

And, the replacement cover screws are not required for the receiver to function.


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If I am not mistaken they are two different gun set ups. I want to say that one receiver has a rear mount hole and can secure to a different stock with an additional mounting screw. I remember reading something of that nature and that there is an aftermarket piece that needs to be purchased. I just vaguely remember that when doing my research on builds. Hope that information helps out. I don’t usually like to post ‘incomplete’ information but I never had interest of that set up!

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Yes it’s a rail for a scope. Why do you need it off? It probably has lock tight on the threads. If you do remove it make sure you ONLY reinstall the original length screws that are used from the factory. DO NOT reinstall the rail screws. They’re too long without the rail and may interfere with the action of the rifle.


I was installing the receiver in a bullpup chassis that needed a flat top receiver to fit. I got it installed, definitely had loctite on the screws.