1 TKR down and 1 to go

TKR. Hopefully I’ll be back on my motorcycle in less than 6 weeks. Already 1 session of PT. Brutal.


My father had both knees, l. hip and waiting for the right hip.

Best wishes to you for a speedy, clean recovery.


A close buddy of mine just had both done. Had to. He could hardly walk the pain had become so bad. Left knee in January, right knee a couple of weeks ago. The PT is working well and he says he is ready to nix the cane they gave him. He’s 56. I went out for couple of beers with him when I visited my mother the week before last. His scars look brutal, but he said the post-op pain from the surgery was nothing compared to his former knee pain. He’s a happy guy again.

Sounds like you are going for the double header too? Good luck!


This was supposed to be the second but the first one for January was cancelled due to the doctor being involved in a car wreck. Since this is being done through the VA I had to start the process all over again which may have been a blessing in disguise. Originally I was sent to an ortho picked by the VA in anther county. This time I was asked who I wanted to do the surgery and I chose a doctor I had some history with when he was giving me steroid injections for my back and had done shoulder surgery on a friend who highly recommended him. The second will be done in September after Jr. and I get back from our annual father/son motorcycle vacation. Plan on heading to the Ozarks but that will all depend on my wife’s health. Had to cancel last year for that.


Hope your wife is fit. Some GREAT riding in the Ozarks!


Heal well, quickly and uneventfully. :+1:


Thanks guys. Had PT twice this week. Therapist said I’m doing very well. The top bandage started to come loose so I called the docs office. They said I could go ahead and remove it. Glad they let me do that because it was starting to itch. Now I know why they call the bandage underneath the top one a zipline bandage. Next appointment is 5/11. I’m beginning to feeling like animal when he can’t play his drums.